Seven Sexy Moments From Ricki-Lee's Naughty (And Naked!) New Music Video

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Not everyone will be familiar with Aussie pop star, Ricki-Lee, but she's a pretty big deal down under. The now 27-year-old first shot to fame back in 2004 as a contestant on the second season of Australian Idol. Although she didn't win (that honour went to the now unknown Casey Donovan), she used it to launch a pop career and has managed to rack up twelve top twenty hits, both as a soloist and as part of the girl group, Young Divas. Some of her songs have even gone international: 2007's "Can't Touch It" became a big club hit in Britain, and last year's "Do It Like That" went top ten in Japan. Over the years, Ricki-Lee's toured with the likes of Hilary Duff and the Backstreet Boys, worked as a successful radio host and TV presenter, and scored major Aussie endorsement deals with the likes of CoverGirl makeup and Cotton On clothing.

Not counting the Minogues, Ricki-Lee is probably the biggest thing Australia has to a major female pop superstar. (Along with Jessica Mauboy, of course!)

The songstress just came back with a new single called "Come & Get In Trouble With Me" this week, and it's easily the biggest and best thing she's done to date. However, it's the music video that's catching more attention than the catchy dance-pop thumper is. The Studio 54-inspired visual is a primarily nude affair that perfectly captures the glamorous debauchery of the days when disco reigned supreme. It's basically Australia's answer to "Blurred Lines," but with bigger hair and no seedy rape undertones.

Take a look at the seven sexiest moments from the camp clip, below!

You may now kiss the stripper...

Man Sandwich!

Serving "Blurred Lines" realness

Spank the stripper!

Champagne Showers!

Topless and gold

Naked horseback riding in the middle of the club. No big deal!

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