Over the past few weeks it seems like Psy's been everywhere: teaching Britney to dance on Ellen, performing on the Today show, presenting at the VMAs, chatting on air with Ryan Seacrest, schooling the cast of VH1's Morning Buzz on the fine art of faux horse-riding, showing up in the middle of an SNL skit and even popping up at a Dodgers game.

And as he shuffled and cavorted his way onto the national stage, the K-Pop artist has stuck fast to the posh “Gangnam Style" look immortalized in his viral music video. The man likes to dress classy and dance cheesy, favoring bold tuxedo jackets paired with white shirts, a bow tie (which, depending on the occasion, he may leave undone), slacks and black-and-white wingtips.

This recent publicity blitz reveals that Psy is not lacking in the wardrobe department, with what seems like a new jacket for nearly every occasion. From bright green and pink to classic shades of black and navy, we've charted Psy's most notable toppers to date.


Psy pulled out this bright number for his Today show performance in New York's Rockefeller Plaza on September 14.


Look closely. What at first glance appears to be solid black is, under closer consideration, revealed to be a textured jade and black stripe. This fancy option showed up on the VMAs red carpet September 6.


The musician chose a blue jacket similar to the one he wore in his memorable video for an onstage moment with host Kevin Hart at the VMAs.


For an interview with NY1 news, Psy went for classic navy.


This jacket, donned for an Associated Press interview, looks identical to the one that Psy danced around in by a carousel in "Gangnam Style." We'll forgive him for recycling.


Psy switched it up again with a tan jacket for an appearance on VH1's Morning Buzz Live.


In a moment that will live on forever in pop culture history, Psy teaches a confused-looking Britney Spears and an enthusiastic Ellen Degeneres how to dance the horse-riding dance.