REAL ESTATE announces new tour, colored vinyl, and more

It's an exciting time to be a Real Estate fan

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With the recent release of the new Real Estate album In Mind, this March, Real Estate has had several new and exciting announcements. The album, which stays true to the band's beachy and road trip-esque sound, features a new and more current electronic element in the music. Journalist Laura Snapes described them best in her review of In Mind for Pitchfork when she said

" The New Jersey band captured the way that a few square miles can feel like the whole world, but also intensify feelings of isolation. Their softly woven guitars had never sounded more wistful, the perfect accompaniment to Courtney's ruminations of the divide between post-adolescent uncertainty and watching his life codify into an adulthood that millennials like him were never meant to achieve."

The first, and perhaps the most exciting, of the announcements was of the release of the new Stained Glass colored vinyl. The small, 7 inch Vinyl, comes in a variety of different colors - and the color of which you will receive upon ordering is a surprise. The band recently posted a video on their Instagram showing the different colors of the vinyl.

The video showed vinyl coming in marbled pink, white, and red, clear blue, yellow, and orange, and opaque white, and baby blue. The vinyl, which sells for $8.50 on the band's website, is available now. The A Side of the vinyl contains "Stained Glass", and the B Side contains the instrumental track "Two Part, Part Two." The vinyl comes packaged in a clear, square envelope, with the gold painted letters of "Stained Glass."

Real Estate has also released the new music video for "Stained Glass." The music video, which has its own website, is a very psychedelic and undeniably trippy video. The video is an immersive, do-it-yourself style customizable video. The video shows the (cartoon) band hatching out of eggs, and the viewer (or, player), gets to customize the band and the scenery with different colors. The video is definitely worth a watch, and a fun and interactive experience. The band's frontman, Martin Courtney, recently shared his customization of the video on the band's Instagram.

The band has also announced two more things - the first being a national tour that begins on 06/13 in London at Roundhouse, the dates of which are available on the band's website. Real Estate also collaborated with Keep Company on a new blue and white shoe, which is summery and aligns very much with the band's aesthetic.