Sex Partners Statistics Survey—Is Your Number Above or Below Average?!

More than Princess Di... less than Madonna?

Sex partners statistics survey makes for pretty interesting reading—average number of partners, who lies more, most promiscuous's all here!

There's a new sex partners statistics survey that's been released, and it makes for pretty interesting reading.

Not to mention, an excellent slut-shaming tool for all you misogynistic assholes out there.

Our pals at SuperDrug Online Doctor conducted the survey to get an uncensored look at people's ideal sexual history.

They surveyed over 2,000 peeps in the U.S. and Europe to get the 411 on their sexual activity, views and perceptions.

And, we've got to say, some of the results are more than a little surprising.

The survey includes data about who lies the most about how many sexual partners they have had.

You may be a little taken aback by that answer, we have to say.

Not to mention, shocked that the majority of people actually tell the truth in the first place.

Brings to mind that scene in Four Weddings and Funeral, where Carrie (Andie MacDowell) admits to having had 33 past sexual partners, summing it up as:

So there you go. Less than Madonna, more than Princess Di. I hope.

Although, that said, 5.8 percent of women and 10.1 percent of men admit to either increasing or decreasing the number, depending on the situation.

There's also data about how men and women view their partner's sexual history—and what number they feel is the ideal.

Interestingly, both genders agree on the same ideal number.

Which given the fact we still live in a society where women are seen as sluts, and men as viral studs, is surprising in itself.

Then there's the average number of partners both men and women have had.

And, women have more!

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Apparently chicks score an average 7 partners—and men, 6.4.

Which, we have to confess, we did initially think was a monthly quota not a lifetime one….

Then there's stats on whether men and women would dump a partner for having had too many—or too few—sexual partners.

And, what number of past partners both men and women would view as being too promiscuous.

We found the most interesting part though was the worldwide attitudes and stats.

There's a breakdown by Europe—and who knew Austria was so damn freaky?!!

Whereas the Netherlands, which is often seen as the embodiment of sexual liberty, is strangely conservative when it comes down to how they view their partners' past.

But, mirror mirror on the wall, who's the most promiscuous of them all?

For once, the U.K. actually wins something!

Forget the football, Eurovision song contest, Olympics…. the UK lands the coveted first place when it comes to shagging.

Whoop! Whoop!

So, on to the good old U.S. of A.

SuperDrug Online Doctor break it down by state—and take a guess, who do you think goes at it the most?

Well, not surprisingly, given it's high proportion of Mormon residents, Utah scores last place when it comes to average sexual partners.

First place though?


And, an impressive first place too!

In fact, Louisiana residents average six times as many partners as poor old Utah.

However, it also scores highest when it comes to STDs.


Other low ranking states include, Mississippi, Kansas, and West Virginia.

Which begs the question—why is there such a disparity between Louisiana and Mississippi?!!

Other high ranking states—each averaging more than 10 partners—are Oklahoma, Nebraska, and South Carolina.

Check out our summary of the sex partners statistics survey results in the gallery below.

Then read the full study here.

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Check out our summary of the sex partners statistics survey results:
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