Shaquille O'Neal Sings "When Doves Cry" in the Style of Prince

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Shaquille O'Neal visited Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan's morning jamboree on Thursday, bringing along with him his karaoke skills and best Prince impression. The challenge-your-guest-to-a-public-sing-along has been an ongoing feature of the new pairing's show, and one that the former NBA star and definitive ham was more than willing to participate in.

Since two of the three members of this quirky bunch are retired professional athletes, and Kelly Ripa, the freakish, anatomically gifted mother of three who makes us feel lazy even after we've ran a marathon, the stakes were immediately raised. With the glimmer of the coveted LIVE  trophy in plain sight, Shaq stepped it up by walking out as not merely a Prince fan or casual performer, but The Purple One himself. Karaoke veterans know that hitting the notes is only half the challenge, and who wouldn't want to be Mr. Nelson for a day—or forever?

What Shaq lacks in reality competition-worthy vocal skills, he makes up for with his enthusiasm and wardrobe choices. While I could believe his time off the court has led the 7-footer to embrace his inner fashionista a la Russell Westbrook, something tells me those purple pants and satin ruffles are tucked far away deep inside Casa O'Neal, reserved only for bachelor parties and competitive karaoke matches. Check it out below.

Great effort all around, but could Shaq beat Aaron Carter in a sing-off? This feels like the springboard we've needed to move forward with organizing a rematch between these two.


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