Sheare Sings of Heartbreak and Bittersweet Acceptance in Latest Single "Girlfriend"

LA-based indie pop artist examines heartbreak in latest introspective single.

LA-based, indie synth-pop artist Brandon Sheer, better known by his musical moniker, Sheare, releases all of the negative energy from a toxic relationship in his latest single, "Girlfriend."

Despite his heartbreak, the New York native survives the ache of unreciprocated love and goes on to sing about the experience in the anthemic single. The track's upbeat tempo juxtaposes the grief, unexpected closure, and acceptance that comes with it.

"'Girlfriend' is the first song I've ever written where both lyrically and conceptually every single line was a true recounting of what had unfolded in my last relationship," the singer expressed. "I think everyone has been in one of those romantically ambiguous situations where you realize in hindsight that your relationship wasn't all that meaningful. We so desperately try to convince ourselves otherwise at the moment, but you can't outrun the reality, and 'Girlfriend' was written as a reflection of that sentiment."

The single opens with a slow synth leading to Sheare's bright and lush vocals and layered instrumentation. The singer puts forth raw, personal lyrics that, although masked by a lively 80s-inspired production, showcase his ability to navigate and execute deep themes of emotional ambiguity. This lyrical emotiveness is especially apparent in lines like, "I would have given you my dying breath, but honestly, you never acted like my girlfriend."

"I think I'm finally at a point as an artist where I've learned to care less," says Sheare. "When I first started, I was so hyper-focused on the concept of success that it clouded me creatively. I've finally gotten back to a place of honesty with my writing as a result."

SHEARE will be releasing a series of new singles he produced alongside Matty Green (Dua Lipa, The Neighbourhood) and Mike MacAllister (Donna Missal, Meg Mac) throughout 2019.

Check out Sheare's latest track "Girlfriend" below!

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