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Sheare Is "Tired Of Always Running" In His New Music Video

The electro-pop newcomer goes big (and goes home) for his new visual.

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Popdust favorite Sheare delivers his most ambitious project so far. The electro-pop performer pieces together three thousand photographs for his scatter-brained new music video, "Tired of Running" (directed and edited by Marko Antice), which was filmed in 1,350 different locations over the course of three days. "There's nothing more that I can say, nothing more that I can do to prove we could have been something without always running," Sheare coos as the fleeting images flicker and fade from his mind. "There's nothing more that I can change, nothing more that I can lose to you..."

"Tired of Always Running" follows two previous, must-hear tracks, "Restless" and "Thrillz." All cuts are expected to be featured on his first major project, to drop in 2017. "I think all the songs I've written this year share a sense of commonality theme-wise. I write about what I know, whether it be relationships that have gone awry or dealing with the uncertainty of post-graduate 20-something-year-old syndrome," he told Popdust earlier this year. "I'm really excited about how far things have grown since I first started making music. Any time I'm worried that I'm not progressing, I go back and listen to the music I was making a year ago, and I think, 'Oh, okay. You're doing just fine.'"

With his own home studio, Sheare finds his creativity reach all-new levels. "I'm a night owl so it's been great to be able to work at all hours of the night. Also, you just can't record at a public studio while wearing sweat pants that are stained with cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving of 2015 without people judging you," he joked.

Another song he's hyped for fans to hear is "I Can't Fall Asleep." He explained the story of the song, "That [song] sticks with me a lot. I wrote the song about being alone on a writing trip to London and Paris last year and having really bad insomnia. I realized the insomnia wasn't caused by jet lag, but rather it was caused by lying awake staring at my phone thinking about someone, and wondering if they were on the other end lying awake staring at their phone thinking about me. I knew I needed to capture that kind of desperate longing for someone feeling and write about it."

Appropriately, he draws plenty of creativity from the NYC landscape around him. "New York, especially in the fall, is my first love and a huge source of inspiration. It feels like everyone I know, especially in music, has moved to LA or Nashville. But, for me, I can't ever imagine leaving this place. If you walk around this city in the fall when the sun is out and you don't feel inspired, you might not have a soul."

Watch below:


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