Shia LaBeouf's carefully crafted image has made him desirable get in the music industry. Everyone's an outsider, you see, and his perpetual "I don't give a fuck" attitude is welcomed by those who like to consider themselves looking in on the mainstream with a feeling of superiority. After LaBeouf directed controversial clips for Cage and Kid Cudi, Marilyn Manson is the latest to lean on the cinematic background of his actor-friend for his violent, Shakespearean-themed "Born Villain." LaBeouf admits he knew he was Manson's first choice after his work on Cage's "Maniac" caused the singer to "freak the fuck out." While this is less self-indulgent than his own mugging in pal Cudi's "Marijuana" video, it takes itself a lot more seriously, overflowing with everything LaBeouf has likely picked up from his weekend trips to the Getty and late nights spent reading the worn copy of Bukowski he keeps in his back pocket. Together the two have created succeeded in creating a NSFW piece that will unsettle your stomach—the most graphic torture scenes include Manson puncturing a woman's cheek and the examination of a stray eyeball—and also lead you to question your high school English teacher's interpretation of Macbeth. Don't say we didn't warn you!