SHINee's Back With Their Third Album This Year, 'Everybody'

K-pop stars are known for working non-stop, but SHINee's schedule is ridiculous. This year alone, they've released two Korean albums, a digital single, two Japanese singles, and one Japanese album. Now they're back with their third K-pop album of 2013, Everybody, which officially dropped earlier today.

Like all of SM Entertainment's male boy bands over the past year, SHINee's gone full-on dubstep with the album's title track. "Everybody" plays like a small hurricane of glitter, dubstep, and electro-pop -- there's so much whizzing and whirring going on it could make your head spin. It's definitely another knockout for SM Entertainment, who have already had success in the dubstep genre with EXO's 'Wolf," TVXQ's "Catch Me," and Super Junior-M's "Break Down."

The Everybody album also contains the R&B vocal ballad, "Symptoms," which has been promoted on all the major music programs alongside the main single. The rest of Everybody features the usual quirky dance-pop we've come to expect from SHINee and their female equivalent, f(x).

"Everybody" is already top three on the Melon real-time music chart, so it looks like SHINee's persistence this year is definitely paying off.

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