The American Idol insider blog Joe's Place is claiming to know 18 of the top 24 finalists for this season, and the mysterious blogger behind the site has been rolling out her list—which includes names of people who didn't make the cut—all afternoon. Don't read if you want next week's episodes to have surprising twists! (And believe me, one of the reported cuts made my jaw kinda drop.)


Casey Abrams

Naima Adedap

Lauren Alaina

Jacee Badeaux

Jovany Barreto

Kendra Chantelle Campbell

James Durbin

Jordan Dorsey

Clint Jun Gamboa

Ashthon Jones (yeah!)

Brett Loewenstern

Scotty McCreery

Karen Rodriguez

Pia Toscano

Lauren Turner

Rachel Zevita


Hollie Cavanaugh

Jessica Cunningham

Eryn Kelly

Keisha Lewis

Chris Medina

John Wayne Schultz

Jackie Wilson

Chris Medina and his backstory are out!? Apparently there were lots of tears when he was given the axe, and "a huge emotional scene" ensued. But more importantly: What about Jacob Lusk?! He was so awesome last night.