Shut Up About Spider-Man, Already—The Amazon Rainforest Is Burning

Spider-Man vs. The Amazon Rainforest.


As every Spider-Man movie ever once said (or, at the very least, ironically referenced), "With great power comes great responsibility."

Human beings have so much power, especially when we band together. We're the most intelligent species on the planet with nearly limitless collective means to shape our world as we see fit. One might think that any species holding such a position would, at bare minimum, want to protect the only planet capable of sustaining their species' existence. Unfortunately, one would be wrong.

The Amazon rainforest, sometimes referred to as "the lungs of the planet" due to its production of roughly 20% of the oxygen in Earth's atmosphere, is currently literally burning at an unprecedented rate. Aside from being home to the most biodiverse collection of animals and plant life on the planet, the Amazon is also integral to slowing down global warming. In essence, destroying the Amazon is destroying our planet.

But while the black smoke stemming from one of the most important natural hubs on the planet fills up cities thousands of miles away, human minds are occupied by a far more pressing problem: What if one super wealthy movie studio can't make a big deal with another super wealthy movie studio, and then that means Spider-Man won't be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anymore? OH NO!

But wait, before anyone faints from the trauma, keep in mind that this is barely even confirmed news. And even if it were, there would almost definitely still be more Tom Holland Spider-Man movies made by Sony. After all, there's lots of money to be made from more Tom Holland Spider-Man MCU movies, so the likelihood that Disney and Sony will permanently walk away from each other is slim-to-none. In essence, this story, which is of the utmost import to the human species (according to Twitter meltdowns), boils down to there being a small chance that Tom Holland's Spider-Man won't be in the next Marvel movie, which probably won't exist for at least another five years, anyway. Meanwhile, our actual planet is dying and may or may not be habitable in five years' time.

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Our rainforests are on fire at an alarming rate because Brazil's far-right president, Jair Bolsanaro, has deregulated deforestation protections in the name of short-term trade policies.

People are upset about a fictional superhero while a real life supervillain literally speeds up the destruction of our planet. It's time to shut up about Spider-Man already, okay? Spider-Man is fine. Spider-Man isn't real. The Amazon is burning. Let's focus our attention on something that actually f*cking matters.

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