Sia's 'Chandelier' Climbs iTunes After Music Video Release

When I first posted the music video for Sia's stellar single, 'Chandelier,' I mentioned how the song had yet to become a hit in America. In fact, at that time it wasn't even in iTunes top 100. However, that's all changed in the week that's passed since the music video dropped, with 'Chandelier' now hovering within the iTunes top forty and on the brink of a possible debut on this week's Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The trap-pop tune is obviously an incredible song, but it's the powerful music video --which stars 11-year-old Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler performing an emotional lyrical dance routine-- that's really sent 'Chandelior' swinging up the charts.

Here's hoping that this is just the very beginning of what could quite possibly become a huge hit for the Aussie songstress, who has spent far too long penning chart-toppers for other artists instead of herself.


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