MTV host and singing-competition maven Jim Cantiello sat down earlier this week for an interview with half of the "X Factor" judging panel, Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid. Questions in the entertaining interview range from how many takes the hosts need when shooting their slo-mo limo shots for the intro (just one, if you believe L.A.) to whether or not Justin Bieber will ever make an appearance on the show (they think/hope), but the best part comes when Cantiello asks them about the past life of Stacey Francis, the 42-year-old mom who was one of the most well-received contestants from the show's premiere episode (and #3 on our Power Rankings from that night).


"She was in Ex Girlfriend!" exclaims Cantiello. "Do you guys remember the new jack swing group Ex Girlfriend from the early '90s?" L.A.'s heard of, but didn't know them as new jack swing, whereas Simon is completely mystified. ("She was in the group? Well, she didn't mention that.") Cantiello goes on to quote the Isley Brothers remix of their 1994 single "X in Your Sex" as "[his] jam," and pesters the judges to name a favorite song of theirs, despite their obvious ignorance to the group's discography. "Listen, buddy, I listen to hits," an unmoved L.A. deadpans. "I'm not digging around for peoples' ob-scure releases." Cantiello continues to defend the quality of "X in Your Sex," but L.A. interrupts: "Was it a hit?" (No.)

Give a listen to the much-debated "Between the Sheets"-sampling remix of "X in Your Sex" below—it is pretty good, though we're not gonna try to persuade L.A. to listen to it—and also take a gander at late-'80s R&B outfit The Deele's "Two Occasions," which Cantiello also blows up L.A.'s spot about by pointing him out as the group's drummer.