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Simon Rex Dirt Nasty—Furries, Boners, Haberdashery, Chicks in Bikinis—Just a Regular Day For #1Daddy

Furry fucking...semi naked chicks...pimp slappin'.....oh my....

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Simon Rex Dirt Nasty—furries, pimp slappin', boners, it's all here on camera for your enjoyment...

He's an actor, model, DJ, rapper, part-time Otolaryngologist and also the # 1 Daddy with no kids.

He's Simon Rex, but he's also known as Dirt Nasty.

And if you know him as Dirt Nasty, well then you just might have a little dirt nasty in you.

Wikipedia describes him as "an erotic hard-core musician that controls prostitutes."

Isaac Hayes would probably describe him as Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic.

He's a lyrical gansta who weaves magical imagery like this modern day Haiku, taken from his monster hit My Dick, with Mickey Avalon.

My dick, locked in a cage, right
Your dick suffer from stage fright
My dick, so hot, it's stolen
Your dick look like Gary Coleman

These days he's developing a digital series for Comedy Central called Typical Rick, in which he plays the title character:

A loveable, hapless party boy who consistently cock blocks the Hollywood aspirations of his childhood friend, played by Nick Swardson.

But back to My Dick.

How does Dirt Nasty know what Gary Coleman's penis looks like?

Is it just speculation?

Did they take Molly together?

Were they on the same softball team?

We know he knows what Paris Hilton looks like naked, because they were briefly "engaged" back in 2008 for like 7 minutes.

Rex dated the reality star for four years...They had on-and –off relationship until they finally went their own ways.

The dude is fly AF and I totally would have frenched him if my friend Chelsea Skidmore hadn't shown up with her bangin' bikini bod and totally cock blocked the whole operation.

For now, it's just me, Andrew Dice Clay, Marge Simpson and Dirt Nasty's deep thoughts on which Kardashian needs to get pimp slapped.

Scroll down to watch Popdust's interview with Simon Rex Dirt Nasty—furries, pimp slappin', boners and more


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Watch Popdust's interview with Simon Rex Dirt Nasty—furries, pimp slappin', boners and more..

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