Siri, Sara Jay Make Good On—And Video Of— TeamBJ World Cup Pledge

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The 2014 World Cup brought excitement, heartbreak, and a host of new fans to the beautiful game—It also brought something else— blow jobs… lots and lots and lots of blow jobs.

Siri and Sara Jay, made good on—and video of—their TeamBJ pledge to give blow jobs to their legions of twitter followers if Germany won the World Cup.

As Popdust previously reported, the veteran porn stars pledged to take one for the team—so to speak— if either Germany, Brazil, England, or USA won the world cup, and, on September 4, in Las Vegas they made good on their promise.

After undergoing lengthy background checks and multiple STD screenings, a host of Siri and Sara Jay’s male Twitter followers were given oral sex by the two adult actresses at an undisclosed Vegas location— the event was live streamed on their websites.

It’s not the first time TeamBJ has sprung into action—they previously made good on a similar pledge after the Miami Heat won the NBA championship in 2012.

It’s undetermined at this time which sporting event will get their fervent support in the future—but can we suggest the 2015 World Curling Championships?