We're three days into the release of the new SISTAR19 single and the success of the song is still growing by the hour. "Gone Not Around Any Longer," has officially topped all of the major real-time and daily charts in Korea, bagging it a much coveted "all-kill" from Korea's ultimate chart aggregator, Instiz. It's currently beating its nearest competition on the Instiz iChart by more than 130 points, and has already hit the roof on Melon's music chart a whopping seven times (and counting!). Even the filler tracks on their new mini-album have been outselling singles from top artists. "A Girl In Love" is currently sitting at No. 6 on the iChart after peaking at No. 5 earlier today, and the album's 44-second intro, "SISTAR19," has been hovering in and out of the top 30 for days. Not to mention the group's 2011 debut single, "Ma Boy," which has also reappeared on the iChart several times.

If SISTAR wasn't considered a top-tier group before this, then they definitely will be now. With T-ara's once sky-high popularity taking a dive after a series of scandals and 2NE1 remaining suspiciously absent from the music scene, there was a clear opening for a new girl group to sweep in and snatch one of the vacant spots at the top. When T-ara and 2NE1 make their respective comebacks sometime this year, they're going to have a tough time trying to push SISTAR back down then ladder again.

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