SISTAR's Hyorin And a Member Of Girl's Day Are Going Solo

Girl's Day are one of the most popular K-pop girl groups of the year thanks to their sexy makeover and smash single, "Expectation." After bagging three consecutive top ten hits, the foursome are set to top off their huge 2013 with a solo project in November. The only problem is that the member going solo hasn't actually been announced yet, so we're left scratching our heads and trying to figure out which one it is.

The obvious choice is Minah, who is easily Girl's Day's most popular member and best vocalist. She's already an official MC for SBS' Inkigayo and has successfully crossed over into acting, and a solo project would only push her further into the spotlight. Sojin would also make a good candidate for a solo since she's Girl's Day's second best singer after Minah and has recently started writing and composing music. Plus, promoting a non-Minah member would help spread out the popularity in the group so one member isn't overshadowing the rest; which has happened with countless Korean girl groups in the past.

19-year-old Hyeri could also be a candidate for the solo since becoming one of the most recognizable idols in K-pop this year following the outing of her relationship with H.O.T.'s 35-year-old Tony An. But then again, if she does go solo, it'll only restart the nasty rumours that Tony's her "sponsor," not her boyfriend, and that definitely wouldn't be good for Girl's Day's image. However, the member least likely for the solo would have to be Yura: Although she's the group's hottest member, she can't really sing, and she's currently busy acting in the MBC sitcom, Reckless Family.

In other girl group solo news, Hyorin's solo project is rumoured to be right around the corner. The SISTAR power vocalist was confirmed to go solo back in late July, and just this week a U.K.-based K-pop blog reported that Hyorin's been in London to shoot her music video and album artwork. Since SISTAR is currently the biggest girl group in K-pop outside of Girls' Generation, Hyorin's single is guaranteed to be massive. Hell, SISTAR19's "Gone Not Around Any Longer" was basically a Hyorin solo single anyway, and it's currently the second biggest song of the year.

How do you think Hyorin and the mystery Girl's Day solo star will compare to K-pop's pre-existing girl group solos, like Ga-in, Park Bom, and HyunA?

[Via Girl's Day Daily]

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