New music from Kanye West that isn't G.O.O.D. Well, it's definitely good, but we're missing the roster of soldiers 'Ye recruited for last month's Cruel Summer. With no crazy eyes of Pusha T or ass puns from Big Sean, we're left with "White Dress," dripping with West's vintage storytelling technique and old-school samples. The song will be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming film, The Man with the Iron Fists, written and directed by RZA and starring Russell Crowe, who has seen West work through new material before.

From the one-minute preview, there aren't as many obvious shout-outs to his main muse of late, Kimmy K., yet the story about his relationship timeline is rife with cutesy images of Yeezy in love. It's almost as if we were there when he tells the wacky story of ordering "a girl drink in a masculine glass," which would make his lady laugh uncontrollably. You crazy for this one, 'Ye! Previously reported lyrics to the song ("Now she back in the club in a tight dress with dreams of someday wearing a white dress") caused many to assume the track was an early marriage proposal for Kim. While the obvious wedding connotation exists in the title, here it sounds more like West is mourning a once-promising relationship that's gone sour, after his lady changed due to the crippling effects of external observers ("They never let us do our thing / Everybody lying on who I bang").

Unfortunate, but it gives us the opportunity to enjoy another example of Classic Kanye, with Yeezy assuming the role of a group of judgmental females (see: "Dark Fantasy" and "Get 'Em High") with his playful "friends all diss him like 'no he didn't.'" Hopefully the full version will spell out all these theories and more by October 23. But for now: Is "White Dress" about Kim? Amber Rose? Your mom? Listen below and decide for yourself.