Skrillex Gets Over Ellie Goulding By Not Including Her in the "Summit" Music Video

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They say the best way to heal a broken heart is to combine time and distance: Cut an ex out of your life and let the rest run its course. Which is why, a few months after his breakup with Ellie Goulding, Skrillex neglected to invite her to the video shoot for their 2011 collaboration, "Summit." His heart, perhaps, was still too raw.

Instead, Mr. Moore puts an anonymous actress in the spotlight for the song's new music video (released, coincidentally, on the same day as his new EP). We don't know much about this lady, except that she loves lipstick:

But just when you think the video's just going to be random shots of one person's face, the video switches gears and turns into a kind of American Skins—no, not that one—just barely-captured glimpses of some fleeting youthful fun. Do people actually party like this in real life? We don't know, but it certainly makes for an attractive fantasy. Skrillex even makes an cameo, manning the barbecue! (#Grillex?)

Watch the video below. We promise there aren't too many wub-wub-wubs!