SkunkLock Promises To Protect Your Bike By Making Thieves Vomit

The bike U-lock releases vomit-inducing gas when a thief tries to cut through it.

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Biking in a city is dangerous business but not only because of the insane traffic and oblivious pedestrians. No one who bikes to work or to the store wants to come back to find their bike stolen, their $50 lock lying in two pieces on the ground. In New York City, alone, annual bike thefts have surpassed 4,000 in the last three years, and the numbers are rising steadily.

The makers of SkunkLock think they have a solution. SkunkLock is a project on Indiegogo that its creators hope will drastically change the fight against thieves. It's slogan is: "The only bike lock that Fights Back." It certainly does.

Daniel Idzkowski, from San Fransisco, is one member of the team behind it. His Indiegogo page links to this video on the SF Gate website to demonstrate the ease with which a person with a power tool, even a noisy one, can cut through a lock and barely draw suspicion. Idzkowski's lock plans to shock a confident thief and embarrass them pretty thoroughly.

How does SkunkLock fight back? When a thief cuts into it and punctures the pressurized container that's stored inside the U-lock, it shoots a noxious chemical gas that, according to the team's testing, will make nearly any hopeful thief vomit instantly. In their experience, 99% of people who suffered a direct spray vomited. The most minimal reaction is complete horror and utter embarrassment.

That's the key for this bike lock. It's main goal isn't to make a thief vomit all over him- or herself, although that's definitely a bonus. Just repelling a thief and drawing attention to the smell is enough to make them second-guess their attempt. That alone will likely save hundreds of bikes from being stolen by robbers who come in confident and leave defeated.

The SkunkLock is made of hardened carbon-steel. It's creators assure buyers that it is safe for use and compliant with state and federal laws in the U.S.

Their Indiegogo campaign has raised almost $34,000, well over their $20,000 goal. The $99 super-early bird special is sold out, but $109 will get you a SkunkLock for 32% off the MSRP. But donate soon because there are only 30 left at that price.

The estimated ship date is June 2017. Here's hoping that all those bike robbery security camera videos turn into clips of vomiting thieves caught in the act.

Watch the pretty hilarious product video below:

To buy one, visit SkunkLock's Indiegogo page or visit the SkunkLock website.