Sky Ferreira's responsible for some of the most underrated pop songs of the past year or so, one of which is at the bottom of this post and tons more of which are on YouTube. She's also had a much harder go of it than she's deserved, both personally and professionally, which is why this interview in Rookie is such a treat to read.

There's some musical info in there--Ferreira's next album(!) comes out toward the end of summer, and Jon Brion(!) is producing--but the majority's devoted to A) the realest of real talk, and B) Sky Ferreira being awesome. I say this whenever I link an interview, but this time I mean it quadruple: please go read the full interview, because it's one of the best artist interviews I've read in a while. But first, a few music-related things from column B:

- In the same interview--nay, the same page of the interview, she talks about liking Sonic Youth, Miley Cyrus, Chic, Britney Spears, Brian Eno, Heidi Montag and Rebecca Black. None of these are at all ironic.

- She used to read Italian disco blogs all the time. Why? Here's why: "I genuinely just, like, love everything."

- This quote exists. It's about "108," which is apparently sort of a Laurie Anderson song(!), and in one short paragraph, it gets more and more intelligent, and by the way, she was born in 1992:

It’s a sad song. It has a lot of weird hidden messages. There’s a song called “108” that’s kind of about how I was exploited by some people. I watched this weird Swedish silent film when I was in Sweden about this girl in this mental institution who’s in love with this imaginary man who’s a thousand years old. I mixed both of them together. It was based a little on Laurie Anderson too, with the effects. The Auto-Tune wasn’t a crutch, it was an effect. I can sing without Auto-Tune! I’m making sure my voice is actually showing on this record, because that’s the number-one thing that bothers me, is that people say I don’t sing. But you don’t have to belt like Adele to sing.

- This song exists and has existed: