Our friend Sky Ferreira could have chosen to perform anywhere for this live performance of "Ghost," the title track from her recent EP. But, for awesome reasons that we can't quite understand, they chose a boat. Presumably anchored, with an audience and everything. (What was the audience doing there? We have no idea. Maybe they were out for a sightseeing cruise and the captain was like, "Sorry, we've gotta bring Sky Ferreira out to sing a song before we're allowed to leave port. My apologies. Everything is embarrassing, right? " *crickets*)

Of all the songs on the stylistically mixed EP, "Ghost" is the simplest and rawest, just Ferreira's voice over a lone acoustic guitar. It's a good fit for this odd bird of a setting, which puts Sky front and center alone in the frame, and she kills it, selling the raw emotion of the song in a way that belies her relative lack of live experience. Check it out, below: