Who needs those ESPN or NFL Network blowhards anyway? GQMagazine recently caught up with Eminem and a couple of his Slaughterhouse co-horts to talk NFL playoffs, including Em's double-allegiance to his hometown Lions and childhood-favorite Cowboys, his respect for Al Michaels ("The last of the true icons still calling games"), and, of course, Tim Tebow ("He does certain things that other guys just can't do"). Em showed himself to be a very intense fan and fairly knowledgeable guy when it came to America's New Pastime, and confirmed a thought-provoking parallel between himself and Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis ("They don't make them like him anymore. He's cut from a whole different sort of cloth"—no doubt.)

Last but not least, though, Slim and his buddies posted their individual playoff brackets for the final three rounds of the NFL post-season, including their Super Bowl picks. Interestingly, Slim, Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden all had the same Super Bowl matchup and winner—the New Orleans Saints defeating the New England Patriots. (Associate Paul Rosenberg went more out on a limb with Giants over Ravens—and, in fact, both Ortiz and Budden had the Giants upsetting the favored Packers in the second round, though the Tri-State roots of both might have something to do with that.) It's an interesting consensus, and leads us to believe the trio might just know something that we don't. (Though, of course, as well know, Tim Tebow will single-handedly slay the Patriots in the next round, thus making all these predictions totally moot.)