SM Entertainment Reveals Huge Plans For 2014

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SM Entertainment --easily the biggest entertainment agency in K-pop-- has revealed some pretty exciting plans for 2014. The good news comes from a leaked document from the head of SM's production department, which mention's a handful of comebacks and surprises scheduled for this year.

  • TVXQ's 'Tense' repackage album will be released February 17
  • Girls' Generation will release a new album
  • EXO are set for a comeback
  • Super Junior have been preparing for their comeback since the beginning of the year and will return with a completely new image
  • The Teddy Riley writing camp is currently working on f(x)'s new single
  • There are two projects coming up that will surprise people (one of them probably being the Key/Woohyun unit that was recently announced)

There was no mention of SHINee, but considering that SHINee already made three huge comebacks in 2013, that's no surprise. As for f(x)'s comeback, we can only home that SM promotes them properly this time, instead of burying them underneath EXO like they did last year.

Which new SM Entertainment release are you looking forward to the most?

[Via Netizenbuzz]