Top 5 Super Smash Bros KOs of the Week

These week's best and brightest Smash KO gifs!


Another week, another 9999 hours of pro Smash content to sort through. Luckily, the good folks over at /r/smashgifs have done most of the work for us. Here's the top five Smash KOs of the week for your viewing pleasure:

5. Battle of the Foxes

Pro Smasher Leffen from TSM brings us this utter Fox-on-Fox domination...

4. Captain Falcon with the Guard

This GIF from the E-Sports Initiative shows Flux getting edge-guarded to a catastrophic end...

3. The Bait and Switch

Watch competitive Smasher Nihlus bait an eager Shiek into a losing proposition...

2. Redd's Nasty Spike

Pro Smasher REDD knocks Seth's Fox up and down with a dirty spike combo...


After a round of missed charge shots Smasher HUGS blows Vish into the next dimension...

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