Hundreds of trendy yet easily agitated New Yorkers had already filled the rows at the theater playing the new George Clooney film, Gravity, this weekend. As Sandra Bullock began space walking above Earth, a puff of what looked like white smoke rose from the crowd, but no one seemed to mind. It’s not a carcinogen cloud, it’s vapor from a Smoke Star e-cig, an electronic cigarette that looks like the real thing.

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I smiled and took out my Smoke Star e-cig too. I was out of Sour Patch Kids, and it was perfect timing for a puff of my trusty e-cig. I used to smoke cigarettes. In fact, for 10 years I had trouble catching my foul breath, but that came to an abrupt end the day I picked up my first Smoke Star e-cig. Not only is the electronic cigarette even more satisfying than an analog cigarette, it’s also odorless, smokeless, and it does not bother my lungs. It produces a good amount of vapor, and you can pull it naturally. It comes in many smooth flavors, like tobacco, vanilla, watermelon, and dozens more-- and they all taste fabulous!

The Smoke Star e-cig is the perfect way to get your nicotine wherever you are: at your desk, in the car, at the restaurant, on the train, smoking bans be damned. You get the same satisfying feeling as you do when smoking, without bothering those around you, without the negative effects, and without the harmful additives contained in the old cigarettes. Everything is done electronically nowadays, and now smoking is too!

Update: Our friends at Smoke Star are running a special promotion for Popdust readers! Now you can have the Smoke Star Starter Kit for free! The starter kit contains a rechargeable battery, 7 full flavored cartridges, a USB charger and a wall charger, a designer display box, and a travel case. It’s got everything you need to join the new millennium, stop smoking analog cigarettes, and start vaporizing e-cigs.

Disclaimer: Popdust makes no health claims to electronic cigarettes. Popdust has a commercial relationship with Smoke Star and is working to promote their products. Thanks, and puff responsibly.