Snackin' With Jordan | Ep 02 | Mexican Pastries with Strange Neighbors

Pastries, bubbles, but no stone fruits...


In this episode of Snackin' with Jordan, Aiidan and Tracey from Brooklyn band Strange Neighbors drop by for some Mexican pastries from El Charro Bakery and cheap champagne. As the bubbly flows, they discuss their breezy single "Too Much," food allergies and Aiidan's admiration for the legend Rob Thomas.

Combining post-grunge guitars and sunny hooks, the band is set to release their second EP in mid-November. You can catch them at one of their live shows in New York and throughout the Northeast.

Let us know if you have some special foods you'd like Jordan to try next time!

About our host: Jordan Edwards is a photographer and video producer based in New York City. You can check out more of his amazing work here, and follow him on Instagram.

Join us every Tuesday for more Snackin' with Jordan, where our host will have a new guest and something new to eat.

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