Lorne Michaels has helped launch more than one bountiful career, and with the success of his new holiday album, Michael Buble has become the latest protege to be taken under the guiding hand of the Saturday Night Live boss. The conveniently slated musical guest used some extra screen time to promote his next holiday offering, Michael Buble Christmas Duets. Featuring some of 2011's most prominent artists, Buble teams up with the naturally befuddled Taylor Swift (Kristen Wiig), an unable to stand still nor refrain from making the dreaded hand-heart gesture Justin Bieber (Jimmy Fallon), a very humble and gracious Kanye West (Jay Pharoah) and recent American Idol champ Scotty McCreery (Taran Killam), whose heavy voice drowns out the holiday champ's dapper and festive charm. Not without its shocking and unexpected interpretations of holiday classics, M.I.A sets fire to the commercial stage, Ke$ha reveals some positive news and Lady Gaga provides further proof that she is not in fact human. It's a parody, of course, but we can't help but wish it was available for download. This could be more successful than Band Aid, as Russell Brand has the answers to all the world's problems tightly wound around his greasy curls ("Hello, I'm Angel! Do you got any drugs?"). Watch below.