Even if Snoop Dogg didn't have an IMDB page as formidable as his hip hop discography, neither of his two (that we know of) upcoming acting projects would be the most regrettable film endeavor he's gotten involved with--and you know exactly what we're alluding to there, we're not spelling it out. One of them could even be decent! The details:

Project one: Starring in The Legend of Fillmore Slim, a biopic of the titular blues musician who also--as every blog has been breathless over, including us--was an actual pimp with nicknames like “The West Coast Godfather of the Game” and “The Pope of Pimping.” From early descriptions, if Snoop pulls off his acting this seems like it might actually be good. It's almost exactly correlated to the standard biopic story arc, but at least the story could be compelling.

Project two: An as yet untitled family series, where he plays the dad. This does not seem like it'll be so good, judging on some of the family sitcoms we've seen lately and judging by the non-classic status of unscripted counterpart Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, which we had forgotten about until now. But we're not as worried about it than this Vulture commenter:

If I was making a list of things that mankind would be better off without, this show would be nestled somewhere between cancer, pedophiles, and Ann Coulter.

Sigh. There you have it: Internet discourse. Let's move on.