Like any rational human being, Snoop Dogg resorts to a variation of your standard pro/con list before making a big decision. The presidential election requires extra-special thought, which is why he posted a photo of "Reasons I'm Voting for Obama" and "Reasons I'm Not Voting Romney" to Instagram account on Thursday. It appears 37,000 agree—or at least are in favor of humorous analysis of the two candidates, including "This muthafucka's name is Mitt."



Because it was posted from Snoop Dogg's feed, it was initially thought that these 20 points were written by the Lion himself. 37,000 "likes" later, and it turns out they're actually reasons born from the mind of @DragonflyJonez. "Michelle got a fat ass" might sound like Dogg patois, but we should have been more skeptical about "He's BFFs with Jay-Z." It turns out the list was published 24 hours earlier with Snoop simply reposting, but failing to tag his political inspiration in the process. (Bad Instagram etiquette!) He gave his source a belated shout-out early Friday afternoon.


Yes, sometimes even the Doggfather experiences writer's block when attempting to craft original social media contributions. Early outlets reporting the story have since attributed the funny breakdown to its rightful owner, who says the missing credit was actually helpful to both the Obama campaign and his own safety.



If Snoop really wants to get involved in politics, he could always join Waka Flocka on the ticket in 2016.