There have been a series of curious collaborations and strange side projects for Snoop Dogg of late, so we probably shouldn't overanalyze his attempt remaking Rihanna's "California King Bed" into his own panty-dropping anthem. Because why not, really? No one said Snoop had to make a video for his version of the track, but since he did, we expect him to accept the deluge of criticism with grace and style. Directed by Dah Dah, the only Rihanna cameo this low-budget clip could score is a loop of her original video playing in the background. Snoop's take, entitled "California King," features him looking out on the Empire State Building while wearing a Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose jersey, which is only the beginning of the confusion. There's a split screen that separates him and his lady, who pretends to be frustrated by the distance, but also has no qualms about laying around seductively for the camera. Red. Flag. Is a clip like this better or worse than Snoop collaborating with Big Time Rush or guest staring on 90210? Should we be preparing our very own list of his high highs and low lows? Eh, good thing he has his piles of money to wipe away those tears.