After two years of media ubiquity, Lady Gaga has been relatively absent from public life, only sending out the odd Tweet or showing up on the odd East Village street corner. So it's not surprising that someone—maybe even someone who goes by the professional name "Snoop Dogg"—would be looking for her:

Apparently he has "a real nice, freaky-deeky" collaboration in mind. Or maybe he's just goofing—Snoop is a master of good-natured social media self-promotion, whether by posing for photographs with everyone, cooking mashed potatoes with Martha Stewart, or using his Yoostar account to engage in things like recreating Bud Abbott's performance in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

We would like to think the collaboration offer is on the level, though. He was certainly the best part of "California Gurls," and we know he can do high-concept with the best of them. Gaga! Get at him!