SNSD, Nine Muses, CNBLUE: The Best And Worst of K-pop's Weekly Music Shows

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Monday is here, so it's time to take a look back at the good, the bad and the ugly (ugly doesn't exist in K-pop) of the past week's music programs. Despite being less than a month into the new year, there's already been a huge influx of comebacks and rookie debuts to gawk at. This week, we were most excited to see how Nine Muses would do back on stage, as well as CNBLUE, and the return of quirky underdogs, Crayon Pop. Check them all out and more, below!

The Best

Girls' Generation, "I Got a Boy," Music Bank: Girls' Generation have been on fire this year. While sales for their schizophrenic single, "I Got a Boy," haven't been as sky high as their past hits, the performances have been the best of the group's career by miles. Need receipts? Just peep their sizzling rendition on Friday's Music Bank, which saw the girls busting out difficult choreography, singing live, and looking smokin' hot all at the same time. The performance won them first place on the show, bagging the group their second triple crown victory since their comeback. Now, who was it again that said "I Got a Boy" flopped?

Crayon Pop, "Bing Bing," Music Bank: Rookie stars Crayon Pop haven't smashed the charts just yet, but the wacky group has been attracting tonnes of attention over the past few months thanks to their hilarious performances and bold promotional strategies. They staged their latest comeback on Music Bank with their song, "Bing Bing," which is odd since it initially served as their debut single over 6 months ago. But to keep things fresh, they've completely reworked the song's routine, adopting a cartoonish concept of rebellious schoolgirls and adjusting the choreography to match. They've also added a dance break in which they pop 'n' lock to Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," which is every bit as entertaining as it is random.

CNBLUE, "I'm Sorry," Sketchbook: Pop-rockers CNBLUE have been getting tonnes of attention for the performances of their new single, "I'm Sorry," because they've actually been playing their instruments live. Shocking, we know, but it's the norm in K-pop to have idol bands hand-sync due to time, equipment, and logistics restraints. It leaves a lot of people wondering if these artists are even musicians in the first place, or simply faking their way to the top of the charts, so it's been a big deal for CNBLUE --probably the biggest idol band in K-pop right now-- to come out and perform completely live.

VIXX, "On and On," Music Bank: VIXX have gotten a lot of flack for their current vampire concept, but the controversy's been paying off, with their latest single, "On and On," recently cracking the top thirty to become their first charting hit . Their live performances this era have been impressive, with completely over-the-top styling, tight, Thriller-esque choreography, and a nice mix of live and mimed vocals.

The Worst

Nine Muses, "Dolls," Inkigayo: Nine Muses are doing well on the digital charts with their new single, "Dolls," but their live performances have left a lot to be desired. The choreography for the song is their simplest to date, and at times, looks a bit uncoordinated. And while they've tried to compensate with some live singing, their vocals aren't anything to write home about. It probably wouldn't be nearly as disappointing if the group's agency hadn't hyped up their comeback performances as "out of this world," and promised a unique sub-unit concept that never seemed to materialize beyond a minor wardrobe difference between some of the members.

BPPOP, "Today," M! Countdown: Last and most definitely least is BPPOP. The group only debuted this month, but we're already wishing they'd disappear. Looking like the K-mart version of A Pink, the girls delivered a rather unimpressive rendition of their first single, "Today." We've seen it all before from better groups with better songs. Cute concepts and lots of aegyo usually do the trick, but it's hard to buy into BPPOP's innocent image when their blatant rhinoplasty has them looking worse than The Jacksons.