While it seemed likely that Beyoncé and Jay-Z would be capable of arranging for their first born to also be the first child born in the year 2012—hold it in, Australian moms-to-be!—the heir apparent has yet to reveal him or herself. The internet wished hard for the birth of "Tiana May Carter" last week, following MediaTakeOut's initial report that Bey had checked into the Labor and Delivery Suite at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, and the subsequent explosion of digital offerings of gold, frankincense and myrrh, yet nothing was confirmed officially. Younger sister Solange has since calmed some of the frenzy by tweeting about B's pregnant state following a Bey and Jay sighting at a Brooklyn restaurant on New Year's Eve:

The couple reportedly also attended a party at Solange's Brooklyn home to welcome 2012. And according to a follow-up tweet by the hostess on New Year's Day, things aren't very different for the Carter-Knowles family offstage:

We hope "over & over" means 12 times, with Bey filling in on the "Hunh?" in Kanye's absence. But can we trust Solange's Twitter account—shout out to being a more frequent tweeter than her sister!—for accurate updates, or is this just another way of throwing the media and rabid fans off her very pregnant scent? She has to have the baby sometime this year, right? Unless she's looking for firsthand evidence at what it's like to be the most pregnant person ever. The wait continues.