We present to you: a "Red Solo Cup" cover by Lady Antebellum in Tampa, because "Red Solo Cup" has somehow become a latter-day country standard. Never underestimate the power of something that can be played midway through a Southern tailgate, apparently.

Well, OK, we should probably be accurate here. This isn't a Lady Antebellum cover so much as a cover by that one guy from Lady Antebellum playing the role of Toby Keith while everyone else proceeds to parley. This is not, in other words, the prelude to "Need You Now." (Wouldn't that be interesting, though?) We will, however, give them points for audience participation. There's no point in doing a song like "Red Solo Cup," which begs for crowd participation from note and sip one, without providing actual red cups. That, they did; therefore, we approve. (Yes, me writing the post. I was the last "Cup" holdout; I'm just as surprised as you are.)

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