Watch SOCK MONKEE give James a lesson in anger management

VIRAL | With M&Ms, a laser pointer, and a fog horn, this therapist shows James how to properly channel his rage

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James is always angry.

We can't blame him, since most of the people he has to deal with in life are any combination of incompetent, unmotivated, and just plain silly.

Hence, therapy.

James isn't one of those "believers." He doesn't think a couple of minutes on a couch is going to do anything to solve his deep-rooted testosterone-fueled ways. Plus, it's always more fun and entertaining to scream when things are not going well. But when matched up with our favorite therapist, James is in for a lot more than he bargained for. Just watch.

For someone with Rubix cube skills such as James, you wouldn't imagine life to be that hard. But James needs a change. Monkee, it seems, isn't having it (as usual). He's more interested in his crossword puzzle and his bag of M&Ms, which he throws mercilessly at James, recalling one hilarious episode with marshmallows. What is it with monkeys and throwing things, anyway? At least it's only M&Ms that he's flinging…

The straw that breaks the monkey's back is when Monkee, out of left field, pulls out a fog horn. (Because what Harvard educated sock monkey therapist doesn't have a fog horn in his office?) The at-first irritating prop becomes the symbol of James's grandest realization: he's just a coward.

At the first sign of something out of James's control, his instinct is to run away before the other person can to avoid getting hurt. It's a defense mechanism that a lot of us use when faced with the wiles of our belligerent friends, co-workers, colleagues, exes… and when I say a lot of us, I mean me. But I digress…

Only through Sock Monkee's expert skills of being cute and sinister at the same time was James able to see himself clearly. That's certainly enough to turn him into a believer. But how Sock Monkee got the deed to James's house is beyond us...

Stay tuned for more from the monkey therapist next door, Sock Monkee.