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Watch SOCK MONKEE help Harold and Vivian get their spark back

FUNNY | The long-married couple gets ready for some shock therapy. And it's hilarious.

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Love is hard.

Scratch that. Tinder is easy, but marriage and ever lasting love? That's as hard to find as a good J Lo movie. Harold and Vivian were once in love, but over the years, incessant fighting and bullying has driven them to couples therapy. Watch below to see how Sock Monkee uses a shocking technique to test out on his patients.

While at first attentively listening behind his spectacles (why exactly does a monkey with button eyes need glasses?), Monkee is finally so bothered by the escalation of Harold's violence that he does like all good monkeys do: throw shit. The flying glasses catch Harold's attention, and the couple turn to the pioneering exercise of shock therapy. When one of the partners goes over the line, the other administers a teeny tiny little shock. Or so they think.

When Harold and Vivian finally realize that Monkee has rigged the game, Harold blows up in a fit of defensiveness. What at first seemed an evil move on Monkee's part was a ploy to get at the heart of the couple's problem and make Harold defend Vivian in an act of gushy love.

It's hard to believe that that man of steel could become Fabio in a split second. But I guess those flames of passion were really there all along. While he at first didn't believe that a mere monkey could help solve the problems of his marriage, he became a believer once Monkee trapped him in his typical human trap. Humans can be so dumb sometimes.

Oh, and perhaps the icing on the banana is that final embrace, where Vivian thinks Harold's heart is racing but it's really his pacemaker, which has been short-circuited. Will Harold survive? Will their renewed love give him the will to live? Does Monkee have a good lawyer?

Who's next on the couch? Find out next week!