SOCK MONKEE's guide to falling in love. Is it really out there?

Holly gets some advice from the Love Monkee, which we didn't even know was a thing

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Holly is beautiful, smart, has a killer accent, and likes to have fun. What's not to love?

Apparently, a lot. And that's the problem -- men really love Holly, if you know what I mean. She's a bad girl. And like a lot of bad girls, she ends up in therapy. Encouraged by a close childhood friend, she starts her session with an unconventional, to say the least, therapist. Just watch this.

Holly's issue is that she can't find Mr. Right. Join the club, hun.

Tryst after tryst with men that don't respect her has only landed her in the predicament of our century: Where have all the nice boys gone? She is college-educated, damnit. But apparently that degree was in hopping into bed with every Tom, Dick and Harry. Emphasis on Dick.

While at first blaming Sock Monkee for being "judgmental" (when he mock-vomits at her laments), she soon sees the subtlety to his art. Little by little, we find out the reasoning behind Holly's sapien-seeking need for therapy: she has a monkey of her own, her just-as-beautiful counterpart and BFF since age 6, Jessica.

In sock monkey standards, Jessica is a 10. With soft pink skin and the most adorable little hat, it's clear she'd be the banana of any monkey's eye.

And that's exactly what she is, to Sock Monkee anyway. The two are instantly love-struck, while Holly rants away. It seems Jessica has been the one constant in Holly's life that never disappointed her. Until now. Unbeknownst to her, Sock Monkee and Jessica are undressing each other with their button eyes. Then, the ultimate betrayal -- Jessica abandons Holly -- landing aside Sock Monkee on his couch. What happens next would give Pornhub a run for its money.

So yeah, these two sock monkeys are apparently anatomically correct and can can do the nasty with the best of them. But can anyone explain those random cat sounds?

While Holly is appalled that her sweet, innocent Jessica is just as much a "bad girl" as she is, she realizes that Jessica is only showing her what happens when Holly lets herself be taken advantage of by men. It's time for Holly to grow up and be her own woman, leaving behind Jessica, Sock Monkee and a can of whipped cream to their own devices…

Stay tuned as we unearth more human truths through the wisdom of our favorite therapist.

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