That time Jimmy Kimmel got impersonated by a Sock Monkee...

Monkee + Twitter = NSFW

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There's something about reading a mean tweet about yourself that can never stop being funny.

But what is the line between mean and cruel? We think we found the answer when we discovered this. Call it: "Cruel-Ass Tweets." With the simple description, "If Jimmy Kimmel can do it - why can't I?" we get everything we need to know about one cruel-ass "Sock Monkee." He may look cute, but, this sock's clearly got anger management issues and is taking no prisoners. And he's pretty damn funny.

In this video by Zero Entertainment, the game is simple. A bunch of everyday people read mean tweets about themselves. And the opening is enough to make you choke up. NSFW, people! (And for those of you that don't know acronyms, "Not Safe For Work.")

Watch it here.

"Reba Areba, the only way to know how old she is would be to cut open her vagina and count the rings."

Ouch. First of all, that sounds extremely painful. Second of all, I'm not sure these are even ladies. And finally, they don't even look that old, do they? But man, this Monkee sure thinks they do.

Then there's the lovely Sasha Jackson, who looks like she doesn't deserve to read mean tweets about her. "The drapes haven't matched the carpet since she was at Hogwarts." Okay, we're pretty sure she was never in Harry Potter, and if she was, I'd remember. But then again when you think about it, all those people in Harry Potter do kind of sound the same.

Jake Glazier. Monkee is really mad at that guy, and we don't really know why. Maybe sock monkeys don't like gingers? All we know is this guy's got a killer voice. A google search says he works at Oberlin College, but we're pretty sure that this is some other Jake Glazier.

Vince Foster? I just saw this guy on 24: Legacy. Clearly, he and Sock Monkee have a beef.

We're onto this weird little monkey. He's on our radar. Stay tuned.