Watch these alpha-monkeys try to restrain themselves from their guiltiest pleasure

At the end of the day, a monkey is a monkey, even if they're made out of socks

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A bowl of bananas. To us humans, it doesn't mean much. A bowl of bananas can be a centerpiece in a nursing home common area. It can be a host's meager attempt to present a "homey" or "I'm-not-a-serial-killer" vibe in the kitchen. But to monkeys, a bowl of bananas is more than's everything.

Sock Monkee may be a therapist and a Harvard grad, but he's still a monkee. What's with that spelling anyway? But many therapists follow a dark path because they find it to be the only way to confront their own demons as well as their patient's. Clearly, this patient, Hal is going to push Monkee to his limits.

The problem is simple -- there's one bowl of bananas -- and two monkeys. Thankfully, they're made of socks and can't do this:

No, this is more civilized. It's simply a battle of wills. And, thankfully, this monkey-on-monkey action is nothing like that Jessica incident. No, the brass ring here is that ripe, golden, delicious bowl of banana goodness. Watch here to see who's gonna break first: doctor or patient.

As the cowboy face-off music suggests, this is a battle royale of the mind. Could Hal not even be real? Just a figment of Monkee's mind? A strong-willed phantom, tempting Monkee with his signs of superior restraint and gestures of mockery (like whatever it is they're doing with their tails)? Call it a pure testosterone-fueled battle of personalities or call it sock monkeys being sock monkeys, but this stuff is ridiculously entertaining, a little bit sad, and a whole lotta weird.

Monkee is not alone in his struggle. He is the symbol of the every-monkey, just trying to get through his day without We feel you, Monkee. Everyday, we're forced to choose between "skinny" lattes or regular full-lard lattes. We're forced to stop ourselves from gorging on Susan's day-old cookies in the breakroom that are really not that good but are good enough when we're too lazy and cheap to go outside and get an even more depressing mystery-meat sandwich from a D-list food cart. Sigh.

The ending suggests there was no happy ending. Things clearly got physical. Who got the bananas and who went home empty-handed? That's up to you to decide. But never bet against your therapist. He may not be be perfect, but he's a good, honest monkey. That's all we can ask for in this world.

Stay tuned for more wisdom from everyone's favorite therapist.

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