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Hidden Gem from the Web: Sock Monkee Therapy, "Trey"

We've unearthed Sock Monkee Therapy, and we're kind of obsessed.

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The vastness of the Internet often leads to beautiful content going undiscovered for thousands of centuries. Popdust's team of cultural Internet archeologists dig deep into the recesses of web history to bring you another Hidden Gem from the Web.

Today's Hidden Gem from the Web is a YouTube video called "Sock Monkee Therapy - Episode 5 - Trey" and our Internet culture nerds specialists agree, it's one of the great lost videos of the web. Check out the video below and watch as the adorable Sock Monkee (who seems to be a bit of an asshole) helps Trey, a hardened gangster who has "seen and done it all", to cope with a bed-wetting problem:

Even more hilarious and shocking: Sock Monkee has his sights set on revenge with his unsuspecting gangster patient. Let's just say his client never sees this one coming.

Research done by our nerd squad reveals that the creator of Sock Monkee Therapy is Tim Schlattmann, an Executive Producer on Dexter and Under The Dome. So why didn't Sock Monkee Therapy make a bigger splash? Why has this gem remained hidden on the web for thousands of years?

Nobody knows. Nobody really understands how the Internet works. But here at Popdust, we frequently excavate a new Hidden Gem from the Web, and Sock Monkee Therapy is the one we've unearthed today. We give Sock Monkee Therapy a serious 5 bananas out of 5 rating for being hilarious.

5 bananas out of 5 agree, Sock Monkee Therapy is hilarious

Stay tuned to Popdust; we dig up hidden gems from the web all the time.

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