Have you heard of "sock monkey phobia?" Apparently it's a thing.

Nathan's brother Travis comes to the rescue when his fear of sock monkeys threatens to destroy his future

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If clowns have taught us anything it's this: do not trust cute things.

That is most definitely the macabre theme to this week's Sock Monkee Therapy session as we're taken behind the scenes of Nathan's seemingly irrational fear of sock monkeys. His twin, Travis, devises a brilliant scheme of exposure therapy that involves a blindfold. First mistake, Nathan.

Watch the madness unfurl.

Typical brotherly shenanigans, right? But these shenanigans come from a good place. Travis is just looking out for his brother, who is a "grown-ass man" after all. His fear of sock monkeys is deep-seeded, associated with childhood poverty and his grandma (and probably mothballs)...and it's enough to make his soon-to-be-wife want to call off the wedding. This dude's got a serious problem.

But as usual, the cute, good nature of Sock Monkee is short-lived, when Nathan begins seeing things. Cut to demonic monkey scenes of smoke, flames and torture, which is nothing short of spine-tingling. Travis has no idea what Nathan's talking about. All he sees is a sweet little monkey therapist innocently observing while his patient has a meltdown. That'll be $300, please.

To those of us that aren't monkey-phobic, it seems a little ridiculous that this fear could be legit, but I have to say, seeing monkey rip that sweet little kitty to smithereens is an image that sticks with you. The kitty of course, is not just a representation of all things good in the world, but a symbol that Nathan needs to stop being such a pussy. But there's more to that kitty. Much more.

But in those moments before the brothers find out what that is, there seems to be a moment of hope, when Nathan realizes that his fear is nothing more than a state of mind, and he can move on from this. Yet, in true Monkee style, a potentially sweet, tear-inducing moment takes a bet-you-didn't-see-that-coming turn.

To amend a popular adage, "the only thing to fear is sock monkeys, because those little bastards are pure evil."

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