Some Bastard killed 920 Chickens With A Golf Club

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What kind of fucker goes to a Foster Farm facility and kills chickens with a golf club 'and possibly another similar type instrument?'

Fresno County Sheriff Investigators are mystified and rightly somewhat disgusted. Deputy Chris Curtice told the Los Angeles Times:

Whoever did something like this is pretty sick. It would take a long time to do it…. People should be alarmed at something like that.

Don't worry, Deputy, we are alarmed. Or at least indignant. You just don't go slaughtering chickens with golf clubs. You don't do it.

Foster Farms is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to arrest and prosecution. In a statement, the company said:

It is the express policy of Foster Farms to treat its birds humanely and with compassion.

I am not going to ask about how the company kills its chickens but compassion is the key word when you kill a chicken. Because chickens are people too.

If you have a tip for the task force, go here. To hear Werner Herzog's view on chickens, go here.

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