In case you haven't been following the frenzy of Tumbling and subsequent frenzy of blogger freakoutery that Beyonce unleashed upon the Internet today, there's an accompanying website with an accompanying "Beyhive" fan section, with an accompanying (and very graphic-designed) glossary of Beyonce terminology:

Beyhive: Beyonce's fan/stan base.

Beys: Beyonce fans/stans.

Buzz: 1) to stan for; 2) to stir up something.

Pollen: information; news, pictures, facts.

Queen Bey: Beyonce.

Sting: 1) to defend; 2) to hate on.

Wasps: Haters.

Excellent work, punsters! But the bee world has far more terminology to harvest. We've done that. Feel free to add the following words to your website, folks. Call it cross-pollination.

Ants: Whoever's trying to be the next Beyonce this time.

Bey-bey gun: The music Beyonce wields against them.

Bey dance: The entirety of "Countdown."

Bey in your bonnet: Beyonce's potentially forthcoming line of hats. See also: antennae.

Beykeepers: Beyonce's entourage.

Beyswax: The buildup of ticket stubs, jewel cases, etc. generated by Beys' activities.

The birds and the beys: The talk parents have with their kids after they've unwittingly heard "Naughty Girl" or "Hip Hop Star" or something.

Colony collapse disorder: What people thought was happening to 4.

The Flight of the Bumblebey: Beyonce's eventual transition into classical music.

Honey: 1) Positive Beyonce reviews and/or PR; 2) Beyonce's alter ego in "Telephone."

Hornets: Haters with large honking instruments.

Pollination: Blogging about Beyonce, i.e. the act of writing this post.

The Scripps Howard Spelling Bey: One of many things Blue Ivy Carter is probably going to enter in the next 12 years or so, judging by her current level of achievement.

Yellow jackets: People who dress like Beyonce. Particularly here.