Some of Ke$ha's Rap Buds Show Up for the "Die Young" Remix

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Another day, another alternate version of Ke$ha's smash "Die Young." A couple days ago, we heard the song in a lovely, stripped-down acoustic version, but today's version goes the other direction with it, amping it up with guest verses from the likes of Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and teenage Dr. Luke signee Becky G. Juicy is up first and has easily the best verse of the three, getting bonus points for his claim to "love California Girls like David Lee Roth"—though he doesn't exactly have much competition from Wiz, who hasn't sounded like he's been trying in years, and Becky, who might just kinda suck in general.

Not a hip-house classic by any means, and it won't end up a mixtape (Spotify playlist?) favorite like the acoustic version might ,but the guest verses do add to the song's sense of carefree fun, so it's worth a listen or two.


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