This is what happens when, simultaneously, the No. 1 song in America is a weepy piano ballad about heartbreak containing the line "and you're married now," and the No. 1 movie franchise in America is still about (supernatural) love triangles. The videos just make themselves!

OK, YouTube videos do not proliferate by themselves. This is the work of one "twentyfirst records" entity, otherwise known for the likes of "Batman sings the Powerpuff Girls (autotune remix)" and "Dubstep Leprechaun (Autotune Remix)." Getting some guy to pretend to be werewolf Jacob and loosely adapt Adele's lyrics to the Twilightverse is just the latest way he's filling voids the world didn't even know it had. The day he does this to LMFAO and The Hunger Games will be a day in which the world is very confused indeed.

Oh, one more thing: spoilers be inside. And not the "Jacob doesn't get the girl" kind that you knew already; actual spoilers.