Do not be fooled by the guitar stabs and Bruno Mars nodding about with some Muppets in formation. His song for Sesame Street (part of a huge, decades-old tradition) was neither "The Lazy Song" nor any cheap parody thereof, which may make us even more relieved than the parents.

No, it's "Don't Give Up" (not a Peter Gabriel cover), a chirpy and actually quite pleasant song about persevering in the face of being pummeled with balls, falling down repeatedly on your roller skates, or otherwise being turned into a slapstick performer. That's one way of looking at it, at least. Popjustice has the other:

Bruno seems perfectly happy to watch his friends get hit by balls and fall over several times before helping them. What a monster.

So, Bruno Mars: teaching kids realism (you won't always succeed on try one, or two, or eight), or sadistically watching Muppet pratfall? Is he a Muppet or a man? Decide now!