There was a Adam Lambert listening session in L.A. the other day, and you didn't even show up! Don't feel bad, though--we didn't either, and we just heard it from MJSBigBlog, still admirably up-to-date on everyone who was on Idol or its derivatives. And they heard about it from blogger Byron Cooke, who actually did go and brought back details on some of Adam's Trespassing tracks. Go here for the full rundown, some photos and, he promises, an interview with Adam later today; in the meanwhile, here are the details:

"Trespassing": Written by Adam and Pharrell. Cooke compared it to two separate Queen songs--did you know Adam had a "Bicycle Race"/"Fat-Bottomed Girls" mashup in him? (No, those aren't the songs.)

"Cookoo": Written by Adam, Ollie Gee (credits: Travie McCoy) and Bonnie McKee (credits: everyone). It's a party jam, but Cooke said no more.

"Broken English": Written by Adam and Lester Mendez (credits: a slightly aged-up subset of "everyone"), apparently about a partner for whom English is a second language. There are parts that are haunting and parts with "fat beats"; they might end up being the same parts.

"Underneath": Right now it's a fairly dark, fairly stripped-down piano/vocal ballad. It'll either stay this way, if that's the final mix, or be expanded, if that's a demo. (All of the tracks are rough cuts.)

"Kickin In": Another Pharrell track and a "club banger."

"Chokehold": Cooke didn't hear this one, but he has it on good word from Adam that it sounds like Depeche Mode.

And there you have it. Speculate away, until you've got a better idea of these tracks than