Sony Pictures Now Being Sued For Unauthorized Use of Song

Things are going from bad to worse for Sony Pictures.

K-pop sensations Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae are reportedly taking legal action against the beleaguered studio for using their song Pay Day in the trouble hit film The Interview without a signed deal.

In a press release through their agency, Feel Ghood Music, they explained that there were initial discussions over using the track but that negotiations did not lead to an agreement. The release stated;

"We were under the impression that it wasn’t happening. It was only after the film was released that we became aware of the song’s unauthorized use, without taking the appropriate and necessary steps to complete a contract with the artists,"

As previously reported by Popdust Sony have encountered all sorts of trouble over the comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. The North Koreans have taken exception to it (to put it mildly) as it deals with the assassination of their leader Kim Jon Un.

Subject to a cyber attack and a host of excruciatingly embarrassing email leaks, Sony’s release of the movie was then halted in mid December when the big movie theater chains buckled under the threats and refused to carry the picture.

After receiving arguably greater attention than such a reportedly mediocre film ever would have, it has now been released in independent theaters and online on Christmas day.

Surely there can't be any more fall out to come??

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