Since her initial performance of "Super Bass," Sophia Grace Brownlee has moved on to hanging with Rihanna and overwhelming celebrities with her cuteness—and abundance of energy—at the American Music Awards. The rapping-singing princess, brought to our attention by her Nicki Minaj cover last year, returned to The Ellen DeGeneres Show for another performance with cousin Rosie. And it seems like she's picked up a few time-honored diva traditions! Ellen introduced the duo, who scampered to their spots, with Sophia making sure her back-up singer was in proper form, to perform their royal version of Keri Hilson's "Turn My Swag On." As if the diva hand, hip movements and mike control weren't all impressive enough, she manages to work in a freestyle (1:40) that pays tribute to her fairy godmothers (Nicki and Ellen, natch) as well as that cherry drank that makes all her transcontinental travel more bearable.

As a reward her for her beguiling performance, Ellen crowned Princess Sofia with Grammy red carpet duty this coming Sunday. (As if there was any other choice.) To borrow a question that's been circulating our offices: Is she the Shirley Temple of now? Watch below.